Who we are

Aware of the importance of being in constant contact with our regular and future customers, in order to provide the best service in all types of hunting days, we have created this new channel of communication. We are excited, to continue growing together, with the illusion by flag, knowing the importance of the road traveled but expectantly convinced that the best thing to be there.

Servicios Integrales de Caza, is a young company founded in 2014, with only three years of seniority in the sector, although, the person who is in charge of this project since childhood living by and for hunting. With different responsibilities in the hunting management of farms, within the Natural Park of the Alcornocales. Working daily, gladly, performing all the arduous and yet rewarding tasks that entail the management of hunting through Integral Hunting Services. In a very short time, but not without effort, we are being recognized for offering an honest, humble and good quality service. Offering our friends/clients a good range of hunting possibilities becomes a serious and responsible obligation, which makes us daily in front of the management, taking care of and watching over our farms. We work, (we do not visit.....) our farms.

We have a conception of hunting, according to the times that run and the principles and knowledge acquired, based on respect and conservation of the natural environment, and the wild species that coexist in their habitat. To all this, we add the contribution of as many improvements as necessary for its maintenance and orderly use. Always respecting the law. Above all, the answer of How did you hunt? prevails over the answer of What did you hunt? Giving greater importance to the set lived than to the trophy shot.

In order to facilitate the participation of all the hunters who wish to count on our services, we launch important and advanced forms of payment, open to study any individual budget, by groups, by action or package of actions according to the needs and preferences of our friends.

Hoping to continue counting on your support and confidence, in this renewed stage or enjoy for the first time your company. I say goodbye to you, until very soon, as always at your disposal.

Juan Cándido Rojas Prieto
Integral Hunting Services