From MONTECAN Servicios Integrales de Caza we put at the disposal of the lovers of the hunt a wide catalogue of exclusive and ideal Fincas for the cynegetic activity. We take care of all the details throughout the year so that the planned day is all the conditions that allow the enjoyment of the participants.

We repeat this property again this season, after the good result of last season. For it, we will move up to Agallón (Fuente Obejuna), and we will mount this beautiful spot, with a surface near the 850 hectares, bordering with surrounded estates like El Valle and the Cruz del Chaparral, and in open with La Segoviana, Valdeinfierno, Los Almendros, and to scarce 150 meters of Los Chivatos, these two last two add several years without being mounted.

Last year, the whole Umbria of the Casa Valdeinfierno was successful, so in this campaign we will follow the same line. All the stalls are well accessible and stand out for their wide landfills. The spot has an abundant holm oak grove which, in early autumn, supplies the cattle with acorns, interspersed with rockrose bush which serves as an encame. If we add it, the work that is carried out from summer, will offer without a doubt another great day of hunting.

Our goal is to reach 60 bulls.