From MONTECAN Servicios Integrales de Caza we put at the disposal of the lovers of the hunt a wide catalogue of exclusive and ideal Fincas for the cynegetic activity. We take care of all the details throughout the year so that the planned day is all the conditions that allow the enjoyment of the participants.

This estate houses the coal deposits of the Mines of Valdeinfierno, discovered at the end of the 18th century and which had their splendour in the second half of the 19th century, a period in which more than 300,000 tonnes of coal were extracted. Today, there are remains from that period that can be seen in the remains of the well and chimney of the Pozo Maestro.

Focusing on the cynegetic, perhaps of the Fincas, of our calendar with more possibilities of obtaining a good result to how many wild boars.

Last season it was mounted by us, and there were many the filthy ones that it housed, from summer we turned in cares and mimes for it, nevertheless we did not manage to fulfill our illusions, fundamentally due to the high density of cervunos that had the spot.

It has some stalls very like the monteros and the existing vegetation as well as its orography, make it ideal for the bedding of wild boars, when they "squeeze" the cold. We will mount it with 55 posts to deer and wild boars.