From MONTECAN Servicios Integrales de Caza we put at the disposal of the lovers of the hunt a wide catalogue of exclusive and ideal Fincas for the cynegetic activity. We take care of all the details throughout the year so that the planned day is all the conditions that allow the enjoyment of the participants.
Another year, we will enjoy the management of this wonderful property, gateway from the Costa del Sol to the Serrania de Ronda, channeled through the Genal Valley. Its ecological value as a landscape also stands out, with dreamlike places for any hunting enthusiast who values being part of the environment, to absorb aromas and sounds of a pure and wild nature, moments before enjoying a hunting cast.
Its ravines and desolate hills, where cork oaks and gall oaks abound, interspersed with rockroses and sarsaparilla make an ideal place for the encame of wild boars. A hard stain, for the work of rehalas and for the collection of the fallen animals, although of easy access for hunters to the postures.

For this season, has been made an extension of almost 100 hectares of land to the preserve, which undoubtedly help the final result of management.

This year we will assemble the farm in just one day.