From MONTECAN Servicios Integrales de Caza we put at the disposal of the lovers of the hunt a wide catalogue of exclusive and ideal Fincas for the cynegetic activity. We take care of all the details throughout the year so that the planned day is all the conditions that allow the enjoyment of the participants.

We open the season with this farm so well known by all our friends monteros, that we hunt for the third consecutive year. Nearby farm Argallón (Fuente Obejuna), with an area of 760 hectares, mainly Dehesa and very rich in water, ideal for deer during the berrea and until the first rains, spend the summer season in it.

Farm that celebrates year after year. The previous season was nominated as best open-mounted farm. Linda with farms such as Las Agudas, Cerrejones and Valdeinfierno, the latter also managed by us.

We will hunt deer, pigs and fallow deer without quota, with forecasts of 30/35 cattle and 30/35 deer. 38 stalls will be set up and the draw will be held the night before in Azuaga.