We open the season with this farm so well known by all our friends monteros, that we hunt for the third consecutive year. Nearby farm Argallón (Fuente Obejuna), with an area of 760 hectares, mainly Dehesa and very rich in water, ideal for deer during the berrea and until the first rains, spend the summer season in it.

This estate houses the coal deposits of the Mines of Valdeinfierno, discovered at the end of the 18th century and which had their splendour in the second half of the 19th century, a period in which more than 300,000 tonnes of coal were extracted. Today, there are remains from that period that can be seen in the remains of the well and chimney of the Pozo Maestro.

We repeat this property again this season, after the good result of last season. For it, we will move up to Agallón (Fuente Obejuna), and we will mount this beautiful spot, with a surface near the 850 hectares, bordering with surrounded estates like El Valle and the Cruz del Chaparral, and in open with La Segoviana, Valdeinfierno, Los Almendros, and to scarce 150 meters of Los Chivatos, these two last two add several years without being mounted.

We will return on January 13 to the Finca Molino de las Navas, to inaugurate year with this montería, after the success that we obtained the last campaign. With the intention of repeating another great result. The spot that we will hunt will be around 600 hectares and will be closed with 65 posts, that will hunt without quota deer and pigs, plus 2 deer per post.

For the second consecutive year we will hunt this magnificent farm, which like Molino de las Navas is located at the foot of the motorway with very good communication. Farm that we manage directly and that during all the year we take care and we pamper with the illusion of organizing another great day of hunting.

Finca that we have closed at the end of July, known by our group, since the last time it was mounted 4 years ago we gave a group of friends, led by Juan A. Cenizo, with figures close to the 45 bulls. This spot is located in a privileged area, bordering Isla Verde, Gargantillas and Cinchado, all of them open and with the fenced estates of Zapatero and La Parrila.

Mancha belonging to the Molino de las Navas estate, managed directly by us for years, is located in Los Barrios, birthplace of our organization, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Alcornocales. In this property we can see reflected to the perfection the values of the Mediterranean forest.

Another year, we will enjoy the management of this wonderful property, gateway from the Costa del Sol to the Serrania de Ronda, channeled through the Genal Valley. Its ecological value as a landscape also stands out, with dreamlike places for any hunting enthusiast who values being part of the environment, to absorb aromas and sounds of a pure and wild nature, moments before enjoying a hunting cast.